Meeting Rooms

Available Facilities

  • High-speed Internet
  • WiFi or CAT6
  • Conference call facilities
  • TV screen
  • Apple TV
  • White board
  • Sound dampening walls
  • Receptionist
  • Guest Parking bays
  • Printers, Copiers, Scanners
  • Kitchen with free coffee
  • Air conditioning

Beautiful and fully equipped with Apple TV, conference call facilities, high speed internet and much more. You don’t have to be a member to book them, but our members do enjoy a discount.


Table Mountain

With beautiful views of Table Mountain and the city, this meeting room accommodates up to eight people and is fully equipped with all things necessary to have a seamless meeting or team-strategy session.

380Per Hour*
13504hr Bundle*
25508hr Bundle*

Our CBD meeting room is centrally located on our 11th Floor with contemporary art and decor accents. Fitted with a white-board, the CBD meeting room is perfect for brain-storming and can accommodate up to ten people.

430Per Hour*
15504hr Bundle*
29008hr Bundle*

Seating up to twelve people, Harbour meeting room is ideal for larger meetings or intimate group workshops. Great views of the Cape Town Harbour make for a very pleasant meeting space.

490Per Hour*
17504hr Bundle*
33008hr Bundle*
The Balcony

The Balcony is the newest addition to our meeting rooms and was designed with minimalism in mind to provide you with a quiet space for those loud ideas. This brainstorming box is an excellent space to get inspired and seats up to six people.

250Per Hour*
9004hr Bundle*
17008hr Bundle*
NOVA | Mobile office pod

Taking 'nomad' to the next level, NOVA was created to service the adventurous; a self-sufficient fully connected office pod. Enabling you to think, meet and work – anywhere.
Gone are the days of traditional working enviroments & methods; why not embrace it. Find out more here.

2000Half Day*
3500Full Day*
* Prices exclude VAT. Bundles can be used in half an hour segments. Segments do not need to be consecutive, and can be used through-out the month.

This is what our members say about us

Benoit Vorilhon - Odity

Work & Co fully understands the importance of having a great work environment: a supportive team, beautiful decoration, great facilities and amazing vibes. All the ingredients were put together to make me feel great, every single day during the 6 months I spent there. Besides that, it is also a place to meet other entrepreneurs and to open up to a significant network, thanks to the many gatherings they have organized regularly. Even after leaving Work & Co (due to the acquisition of a locally based company), I still use their services to rent meeting rooms, or to do work events as their services are absolutely fantastic! I highly recommend them for anyone looking for an inspiring environment, on a short or long term plan.

Benoit Vorilhon - Odity
Dunya Ansems - Boost & Co

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time at Work &Co. The Work & Co team are incredibly friendly and hospitable. You really feel the team goes out of their way to make you feel welcome and part of the family and are extremely efficient when it comes to assisting their tenants from small printer issues to lovely business breakfasts. I would highly recommend Work & Co to any small business looking for a relaxed yet productive atmosphere.

Dunya Ansems - Boost & Co
Katlego Maphai - YOCO

It's a great honour to be part of the Work & Co alumni. The workspace and the team have played a significant role in accommodating us as we needed additional space in comfortable proximity to our head office, as we doubled our team during a phase of fast growth. We have been in good company with other aspiring ventures, being well taken care of by a professional team that is well grounded in the community. Work & Co has set the standard and simultaneously raised the bar for coworking spaces in Cape Town; something that has had extended benefit to all.

Katlego Maphai - YOCO
Dustin Ryan

Work & Co is not just a shared office space for professionals in a beautifully decorated setting. It’s a community of smart, brave and endearing people from all sorts of industries. This environment has evolved so quickly into the hotspot it is because of the approach and care of the Work&Co team. Julien & Jolize keep an open dialog with all members, always striving to deliver on the needs and wants of the community. I need more hands to give them six thumbs up!

Dustin Ryan
Pascal Asin - Moët Hennessy

Work & Co is a superb shared office space. It has become a community where individuals from different industries and backgrounds share a passion to thrive! With its state of the art facilities, beautifully decorated interiors and an exceptionally caring and efficient team behind it, Work & Co has definitely made a lasting impression on the Moët Hennessy team! Thank you, Julien, Jolize, Merle and the rest of the staff at Work & Co! You guys are amazing!

Pascal Asin - Moët Hennessy
Simon Wibberley - Woodbridge International

A community built on a supportive playing field across multiple sectors. We were fortunate enough to discover the Work & Co space 8 months into their venture. It has grown from strength to strength. Having a small team, efficiency with comfort was key for my team to achieve our goals. Work & Co provided a service delivered professionally effortlessly. We sincerely thank the entire team for assisting us during our stay.

Simon Wibberley - Woodbridge International
Pauline & Henk Smit - Kgwebo Travel

Work & Co provided us with not only a beautiful office space, but also let us into their community of entrepreneurs and provided exceptional services. At Work & Co you rent month to month with no long-term commitment and as a small travel business it worked for us. I would recommend Work & Co to anyone looking for a space to help take their business to the next level!

Pauline & Henk Smit - Kgwebo Travel
Liané Louw - Xi West

Work and Co served as an amazing incubator for our performance marketing agency. Being part of such a vibrant, dynamic community gave us the opportunity to connect with other brands and people, to grow our business in a supported environment as well as putting a smile on our faces when we walked into the space every morning. The Thursday morning croissants were a delight as were Julien and his team. I cannot recommend this space highly enough!

Liané Louw - Xi West
Luke Henkeman - Still Capital

Work & Co was an ideally balanced workspace for me – and it was with a heavy heart that I had to leave. I work alone, and mostly prefer my space, so I found the small office offering ideal. But what’s great is that the common areas allow for interaction and a change of work pace, for those moments when I did want to see people. Community, but not on forced terms.

Luke Henkeman - Still Capital
Kara Fox

Work & Co has got to be the most dynamic, beautiful, inspiring place to work in the country. Rather, make that the entire World. Not only is the space beautiful and immaculately maintained, but the technology is state-of-the-art and the people are so happy to be there that there is this constant buzz of energy and ideas. I couldn't bear to leave. I shed actual tears when I was forced to depart, for personal reasons. I miss you Work & co, and I will be back soon I hope!

Kara Fox

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